Motorola Solutions DAS Product and Services

BDA/DAS Offerings

  • Design

    • If your customer has a private analog or digital LMR system or needs First Responder Public Safety radio coverage in a Apartment/Condo, School, Hospital, Office Building, Manufacturing Plant, Manufacturing, Parking Garage, Tunnel, Airport, or any other place, we have many solutions for this.

    • We can provide engineered designs through our iBwave certified team. Provide us with the floor plans and other specifics and our team can create a ROM, Budgetary, or fixed design with heat maps, equipment lists, and other documentation to “Wow” your customer.

  • Materials

    • Motorola has negotiated very competitive pricing from our vendors to provide you with cost-effective materials to keep you competitive in the marketplace. This include Active (BDA’s, Fiber DAS, Battery Backups, and much more. Our Passive components include the antennas (indoor and outdoor), couplers, tappers, combiners, duplexers, coax, connectors, and all the other items required.

  • Implementation

    • If you need help with the installation process, Motorola can provide a team to come to your customer’s site and install everything for you. This can also include project management when needed

  • Optimization and Commissioning

    • Besides a proper design, this is the most important step. Like the Implementation step, Motorola can provide certified and highly experienced commissioning of your system. Both the customer, Public Safety radio owner, and the AHJ will be satisfied with the final results.

  • Coverage Surveys

    • Pre-Enhancement: It is always best to perform a “pre-enhancement survey” before a design is attempted. This will identify how bad the coverage is, where the “macro” signals are getting in, and other particulars that are so important in the design phase.

    • Post-Enhancement: After the BDA/DAS system is installed, a signal survey is part of the ATP and final documentation. This is the certification that proves the system is performing to code and the AHJ/customer’s expectations. This utilizes both the DAQ (Subjective Test) and signal level (Objective Test) methods.

  • Maintenance Agreement and Annual Certification

    • “Annual testing of these systems is not something that’s nice to do, but it’s a requirement in both the International Fire Code and NFPA Fire code.” This can be a part of a maintenance agreement.

Some extras that we also offer

  • System Monitoring

    • Most BDA/DAS systems are not actively monitored and may have a problem that could go unnoticed until it is needed the most. A system that is actively monitored 24/7 allows you customer “peace of mind”, gives your technician the knowledge of the likely cause before they get on-site, and satisfies the code requirements when present.

  • Annual PM

    • Many jurisdictions require the Public Safety system to have an annual inspection and/or certification.

  • On-Site Support

    • As always, Motorola can provide System Technicians that are certified on you specific equipment to help on your customer’s site, if needed.

Of course, all of this is offered, but is depends on your teams capabilities, and what you need.

You can use all (turnkey), or just what you need (à la carte).