Commissioning a DAS

The procedure of programming, alignment and commissioning is arguably the most important aspect of a DAS project. Improper settings can not only cause customer dissatisfaction, but has the ability to interfere with the macro system to where it can be rendered inoperative. This is NOT where you want to go as the Public Safety radio owner has powers that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of.

The person or team that is responsible for the commissioning MUST be knowledgeable and preferably, certified, in this equipment.

The correct method of optimizing or commissioning a DAS or BDA is such that the Macro system doesn’t know that DAS exists. The Macro system noise floor shall not increase at all when the BDA is on or off, while providing sufficient signals and data throughput to the subscriber units.

Perform a Coverage Acceptance Test Plan (CATP) which is designed to verify that the Distributed Antenna System implemented by Motorola meets or exceeds the required reliability per current NFPA code.

All documentation (design, acceptance, annual PM’s, etc) must be kept for the life of the system.